Liturgical Schedule​

Here you can find the weekly Liturgical Schedule for Saint George Byzantine Catholic Church. We look forward to you joining us! 

During this season of COVID, please observe proper precautions by maintaining social distancing and wearing proper protective equipment, such as masks. Please do not visit the parish if you have any COVID symptoms (Mild: Symptom free for at least 72 hours. Severe: Symptom free for 10-14 days. Consult State recommendations.) or recently been in contact with someone with COVID until you have been tested and received a negative result.  


Lord’s Day (Sunday) Liturgy Schedule



9:00am         Mystery of Repentance (Confession)  

9:30am         Byzantine Rosary

9:45am         Orthos (Byzantine Matins)

10:30am       Divine Liturgy 

Weekday Liturgies: 6:30 PM


Feast Day Liturgies: 6:30 PM Evening Prior


Week Day

6:30PM      Divine Liturgy


Feast Day

(evening prior)

6:30PM      Divine Liturgy